February 1, 2015

AMFI: 1st semester experiences/ Erfahrungen AMFI 1. Semester

Feeeeeertig! Ich hab das 1. Semester an der AMFI hinter mich gebracht und bin so unglaublich glücklich es geschafft zu haben!! Ich möchte etwas über meine Erfahrungen an der AMFI berichten, aber um es einfacher für alle zu machen, werde ich auf Englisch schreiben:

It's dooooone! I made it through the first semester at AMFI. And it might sound weird but I'm really proud of myself. So many people quit during the first semester because it was so stressful and they couldn't handle the workload and because you literally don't have a life next to AMFI anymore but I'm still here. I want to write a little bit about my experiences so far, what we had to do, what I learned and then also show you some images of my projects.

The semester started with the first project, called Inspiration Book. It was all about what inspires me as a fashion professional and after collecting all kinds of inspiration, we had to make a book out of it. From all the 3 projects, this was my least favorite I think. It was so difficult because we were so free in what we could do but then in the end the teachers still graded us and it had to fit certain criterias. It was so confusing! 
The second project was called Style Book. Everyone got a style randomly and then we had to specify in this style. Mine was "Colonial" and I chose to do the German colony in Namibia. This project was so interesting! Mainly because we really had to research our topic and in the end I knew everything about colonialism in Namibia and it's so fascinating. Now I really wanna go there and see it myself. In the end we had to translate the "old" style into modern pictures and this part was really difficult for me. Everything had to fit kind of but it wasn't allowed to be too obvious. Unfortunately I failed the first time but I passed the second time. Even though I failed first, Style Book was definitely my favorite project because I loved working with Photoshop and creating a digital and professional product. 
The last project was called Prototype. This was more a designer thing but it was still interesting. Except for the first 2 weeks where we had to experiment and create 20 different studies, that was horrible. But I liked that they taught us how to sew and I still can't believe that I actually sewed a real garment (even though it's really abstract). 
In December we also had 2 exams, one in Fashion (history) and one in Business. It's funny but I enjoyed the real studying and the theory after all the practical things we did. And after the last project, just a few days ago, we had a presentation called Interim Assessment, where you have to present yourself and your products and what you learned so far and you have to answer a question. For the 1st semester the question was: "Is the fashion world suited to me?" and I can say yes, it is because I passed. :)
In summary I can say that this 1st semester was crazily stressful and busy and I barely had time for anything else next to AMFI but I still enjoyed it and I'm so happy about the facts that I know how to use Photoshop and a sewing machine now and I got to know the fashion industry a little bit better. I'm excited for what the 2nd semester is going to bring and that I finally have Management classes but I'm also scared and I'm not looking forward to all the stress that comes with it. 

Inspiration Book:
We had to divide it into different themes, mine were called: Hideous Elegance, Neverland and Human Nature. I'm going to show you one spread from each theme. 

 Hideous Elegance


Human Nature

Style Book:
Again, 3 themes. The first one was inspired by the diamond era in Namibia and its fields and factories and is called Constructive Allure. The second topic is about the German architecture in Namibia and is called Curved Harmony. And the last theme is about the Herero tribe and is called Nostalgic Empowerment.

We had to pick a muse and all our choices had to go back to that and always fit the muse. My muse was Ceca Zivojinovic and I chose to make a symmetrical garment with smooth edges because I thought that that would fit her best.

And this was my final Prototype:

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