November 18, 2013

Perfect coats under $100

I was like: "I don't need a winter coat yet. I want to save it for December because I have other stuff I need to buy, can't spend that money on a winter coat when it's still pretty warm outside."
I said that yesterday.
Today I walked into Forever21 and saw T H E perfect winter coat. How many years did I walk through whole Erlangen and Nuernberg looking for a nice and stylish looking winter coat for a reasonable price. And I failed. Every year. But this year I had success! Finally! Without even looking for it! Although I must say if I wouldn't have found this one I would have bought one from Uniqlo. Love their stretch down jacket (filled with real feathers and downs and that for only $90! I think that's a great price for a winter jacket!). But now I don't have to anymore. I'm looking forward for the cooler days now because then I can wear my perfect winter coat. And on top I got 20% off because a guy was walking around and giving away coupons. Love those days when I'm lucky and I can make a great deal (although I don't want to know how it'll be on Black Friday I might not even look on their page, I guess you get more off but I'm always too afraid that until then it could be sold out...).

Here are more perfect winter coats under $100 (this year I could buy a new coat every week...):

Forever21 Refined Draped Coat in Tan $47,80

Uniqlo Stretch Down Jacket in blue $89,90

Forever21 Marled Trench Coat $47,80

Zara Coat with large lapel $79,99
(Zara has gorgeous down coats, too but over $100)

Charlotte Russe Pleated Back Wool Coat $39,99 (additional 30% off right now!)

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