April 17, 2013

When you're ready come & get it nanana

I'm just in love with Selena's new tribal-bollywood-indian-hippie style. Did you see her performance on the MTV Movie Awards? It was so amazing! I loved her dancing, her outfit and the fact that she was barefooted. Her singing wasn't the best though but it get's better and better when you compare her to the very beginning. And I think when music really is your passion, you should be allowed to sing, no matter how bad it is and you can really see how she enjoys to perform on stage. I'm really excited for her upcoming album and I hope that it won't disappoint me and that she stays with this indian style.
How do you like Selena's new music?

Video via billboard.com

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via Selena Gomez Gallery

I just couldn't decide which one I like the most so I needed to share all of them with you!

6 Responses to “When you're ready come & get it nanana”

  1. Beautiful dress ! Love her look

    have a Lovely evening sweetie

    1. Thank you, wish you a nice evening, too and thank you again for all your comments!!! :)))

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  3. I love Selena, wao the costumes are beautiful!!! Nice post!!!

  4. Thanks for your nice comment and following me. I've now followed you back as well.

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