April 7, 2013

I think I'm UGLY

I'm sure you know this: you hear a song the first time and immediately you need to hear it a second, third, fourth time and boom you're in love with the song and you could hear it the whole day and wouldn't get tired of it. This happens really often to me, but when I show the song to my friends, they always tell me I should go away with this awful song. Yes, and those are the times, I think my music taste is really insane. I can't really tell you what type of music I'm listening to, there are days I want to hear real rock music and on other days I only want to hear slow ballad songs.

Besides one exception: I could listen all the time to K-Pop! Even though I don't understand a word, I fell in love with the Korean music since my Asian school friend introduced it to me.

Suitable to the name of the music topic on my blog ('my ugly taste of music'), I want to share with you a song from my favorite K-Pop group 2NE1 called "Ugly". The lines are just so emotional and when I saw this live session, it really touched my heart.

So lean back and enjoy this piece of art.

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