April 4, 2013

Face of the day

Today I want to show you what it looks like when I have a little bit more time on my hands and I'm putting make-up on me haha. Yes I'm a bit lazy when it comes to beauty stuff because I'm the type of person who likes to sleep more instead of getting up early and to look pretty. Haha yes that's how it is but today I have my pretty day so here is how it looks:

What I used:
Rival de Loop Beauty Balm Cream
Rival de Loop Natural Touch Concealer in 01
Manhattan Soft Compact Powder in 8 Vanille
Alverde eyeshadow LE 310 Magic Sand
L'Oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision
Astor Play It Big Mascara
Essence Sun Club Bronzer in 02 Miami Heat
Catrice Absolute Moisture in 020 Caramel Beige
Essence eyebrow stylist set 

And now you: Tell me what type of person are you? Do you get up early in the morning to put make-up on or is this something you don't care about? I'm curious!

15 Responses to “Face of the day”

  1. This is a real stunning make-up you are wearing!
    It suits you perfectly and looks so simple but classy!
    love it


  2. Love the cat eye on you. And I'm with you on the sleeping part too LOL!


  3. Ooh so pretty! When I wake up at a normal time I love putting on makeup. But sadly most days I get up at 5:40 so I do the basics - quick brozer, bit of blush, the same eyeshadow and mascara...5 minutes and done. When I have more time I do some foundation and stuff but yea...haha

    1. Wow this in 5 minutes? I'm so slow with makeup I always need minimum 15 minutes because I'm a perfectionist :D

  4. gorgeous make-up!
    your eyeliner is perfect

  5. Oh man.. ich kämpfe jeden morgen mit meinem Eyeliner und deiner sieht so perfekt aus :D

    1. haha du weißt nicht wie viel ich immer mit dem Eyeliner kämpfe bis der so aussieht :D

  6. Great natural look. Yes I always put on my make up (BB cream) <3



  7. Awh looks so cool!

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